Our “music retreat” is located in the Auld Coo Shed.

It features:

  • a fully equipped rehearsal room
  • a control room with recording equipment
  • central heating
  • tea/coffee-making facilities

The music studio is available on an hourly rate (daily rates apply when accommodation is required in our farmhouse or self-catering apartment). Please get in touch for availability and prices.

Our music space
Our music studio space at Nether Kinneil. You can hire this on its own – or with accommodation
We have recording facilities at Nether Kinneil
Our music space
Our live music space is located in one of our outbuildings
Make some great sounds at Nether Kinneil
Our music space
If you’d like to know more about our rehearsal room/recording studio, please get in touch.
Live PA mixer
The spacious control room for playback and editing
Lots of different cables to suit your recording requirements

Our studio features the following equipment:

  • Premier 5pc drum kit
  • Marshall super lead 100 watt head
  • Peavey ValveKing 100 watt head
  • Messa Boogie 50 watt combo
  • Marshall 100 watt stereo 4 x 12 speaker cabinet
  • Trace Elliot speaker stack with head
  • SM57 intrument microphones
  • SM58 vocal microphones
  • XR18 audio interface
  • 3Kwatts full range PA
  • Mackie 12 channel desk
  • Cubase 9.5
  • Roland studio monitors
Picture of camera

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